The Country style or French Provincial theme within a kitchen is a theme that infuses both the urban and rural design of the 17th century south of France region. It is a theme or style that creates a balance between elegance and the laid-back feel of the country.

In the French Provincial theme, you will notice the display of artistry throughout the kitchen. Detailed moulded cabinetry embellishes the fluting down the end of the columns, the island bench and the feature around the outside of the cupboard space and continually surrounds the island bench. It brings the feeling of sophistication as well as the feeling of being warm and welcoming.

Another decorative detail throughout this kitchen is the mantlepiece. The traditional capping on top of the overhead cupboards and the corbels on the island bench and mantle adds to the highly detailed French Provincial theme.

The cabinetry of French Provincial kitchens often has the added decorative items of big, bold wrought iron or porcelain handles and knobs. Sometimes in this theme, they could even be a combination of the two elements depending on your personal preference.

While the French Provincial kitchen is for mass amounts of storage and space, the theme also caters to your unique styling. The upper cabinetry usually has cupboards that have glass display doors. Having glass doors to display is not only a great contrast and a way to bring pops of colour into this white and cream kitchen colour palette but also a fantastic way to showcase all your decorative items. Whether that be art, trinkets or a beautiful dinner plate set, the possibilities are endless.

The mantlepiece is what to have in a French Provincial themed kitchen. Mantles like this one are often the focal point, the hero of the kitchen. This theme has a large oven and cooktop reminiscent of times when large families and their friends were always welcome and there needed to be plenty of food to go around. It can also have a rangehood that mimics the line of a chimney or, in this image, hidden by the straight, solid, traditional lines of the cabinetry. You will see the drawers and doors surrounding the mantlepiece, and this is another great storage idea. A very easily accessible way to have cooking oils and spices handy while cooking.

A timeless and elegant theme to bring into your home.

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