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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the home. Style, functionality and longevity must be considered and implemented to ensure the kitchen ticks all boxes. That’s where we come in.

At Inovative Interiors, we design and install gorgeous bespoke Newcastle kitchens for residential clients throughout Newcastle and surrounding areas. We handcraft all kitchen products locally at our Cardiff factory to ensure the highest quality. Get in touch with Inovative Interiors today or visit our showroom to get started.

brown cabinetry and white kitchen table
black countertop and white cabinetry custom kitchen

Stylish, Practical & Timeless Newcastle Kitchen Designs

At Inovative Interiors, we’ve been designing and installing custom kitchens for homeowners throughout Newcastle and surrounding areas since 2006. That’s a lot of kitchens!

As such, we take pride in updating your cooking space, whether it’s a new build or kitchen renovation.

During the design process, we make sure every aspect of your kitchen is considered before signing off. This includes storage needs, foot traffic, accessibility and much more. As you know, the kitchen is the heart of the home.

That’s why it’s important that you fall in love with it before making it a reality. Talk to our Newcastle kitchen design experts today to discuss your dream space.

Modern Kitchen Design With Brown Cabinets and White Countertop
Modern Upscale Kitchen Design in Newcastle
Kitchen With Benchtop
Kitchen With White Cabinets

Luxury Kitchens Newcastle

When you think of luxury kitchens, it’s not just about the aesthetics; it’s about creating a space that resonates with your lifestyle, preferences and the unique architectural nuances of your home.

The Advantage of Local Expertise

Choosing a local kitchen designer like Inovative Interiors can ensure a deep understanding of the local culture, trends and way of life. This local expertise translates into designs that are not only beautiful but also functional and in tune with the needs of Newcastle residents.

Tailored to Your Needs

Moreover, a custom kitchen design means every inch of your space is utilised efficiently. From the choice of materials to the layout, everything is tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re an avid cook or a frequent host, the design can be adapted to enhance your experience.

Commitment to Quality

With Inovative Interiors, every product is handcrafted locally, ensuring the highest standards are met. This commitment to quality means your kitchen won’t just look good; it will stand the test of time.

Thus, a luxury kitchen is more than just a visual delight; it’s a reflection of your lifestyle, aspirations and the things you hold dear. With Inovative Interiors, you’re investing in a space where memories are made, stories are shared and life is celebrated.

Kitchen With Wooden Cabinets
Modern Kitchen With White And Grey Cabinets
Kitchen Interior With Brick Walls
Modern Newcastle Custom Kitchen Interior Design With Black Wall and White Countertop

Get Inspired By Our Kitchen Design Experts

Have you considered renovating your Newcastle kitchen? Are you frustrated by the old layout or lack of space? Is there anything you’d like to change about your kitchen?

Would you like to create a brand new, open-plan multi-functional family area where you can cook with your family and friends while trying out a new recipe?

Whatever the reason for your desire for a new kitchen, consulting the experts will make the entire process much easier. Inovative Interiors is your ideal partner for kitchen designs in Newcastle.

Our specialist kitchen designers can assist with all aspects of transforming your kitchen into a functional and aesthetically pleasing area and help you find the best solution according to your budget and space conditions.

We Specialise in Outdoor Custom Kitchen Designs

The addition of an outdoor kitchen is a perfect solution for anyone who enjoys entertaining and cooking.

If you’re looking for an outdoor kitchen design, there are many options – not only barbecues but also pizza ovens, cabinets, and sinks. You can go as extravagant or as modest as you like.

Let our team inspire you with ideas and innovations to deliver you the ultimate outdoor space for cooking and entertaining.

Cozy Modern Kitchen in Newcastle with Room Interior
Luxury Kitchen Design
Contact Us Today to Design your Dream Kitchen
Modern Industrial Kitchen Design with New Stove Tops in Newcastle
A Commercial Kitchen Design in Newcastle

Commercial Custom Kitchen Designs Newcastle

For all commercial spaces, Inovative Interiors understands the importance of the kitchen design stage, and we work closely with you to make sure your desired results are achieved while complying with Australian Standards and Codes.

In addition to the store concept, menu, and the selection of equipment that fits in with your budget and specification, many other factors must be considered before developing a design.

In addition, locating equipment in a convenient place for easy servicing helps reduce labour costs.

We can also help you take advantage of the latest developments in energy-efficient equipment and other cost-saving methods.

Modern Kitchen Design With Cozy Lighting
White And Brown Contemporary Custom Kitchen Design

We Help Design The Right Kitchen Benchtops

When designing the kitchen of your dreams, selecting the right benchtop is imperative.

Your benchtops will be used for a wide range of purposes in the kitchen, so you need to make sure they are sturdy and durable.

The right kitchen benchtop material depends on several factors, including the style of your kitchen, your budget, your preference, and how much maintenance you are willing to do.

Let the expert team at Inovative Interiors Kitchens and Joinery help you make the best choice within your budget that is functional and has enormous aesthetic appeal.

Every kitchen, joinerycabinet at Inovative Interiors is 100 per cent custom made, meaning it’s cut precisely to your specifications. If you’re remodelling your kitchen or adding a new one or need some additional storage at home, Inovative Interiors can help you make the right choice for your home.

Using the latest CNC technology, our Newcastle factory manufactures custom cabinets that are cut precisely to measure. Our custom made cabinets are made from the highest quality Australian timber, and we work with reputable suppliers, allowing you excellent freedom of choice for colour and finish.

Stylish Kitchen Design Interior Setting in Newcastle
Custom Kitchen Design Interior With Wooden Cabinets
Modern Kitchen Design With Cozy Lighting
White Wooden Cabinetry In Newly Designed Kitchen

Kitchen Design FAQs

There is no set figure for a custom kitchen as it depends on what you want. In fact, if you find a custom kitchen company that provides a set price, you are likely to be disappointed by extra charges and fees down the track. This is a detailed design process and we offer a completely personalised experience so you get the kitchen of your dreams that matches your budget and requirements. When the design is finalised, you can rest assured that this final quote will be final, with no hidden charges in the future.

This is all part of the Inovative Interiors service. We have a strong network of electricians, plumbers and other contractors in the local area that are leaders in the field and boast competitive prices. This will all be organised as part of the design process so you don’t have to organise extra contractors later on.

Absolutely. We are happy to offer a free, no-obligation quote once we have assessed your kitchen requirements, the space, the materials and the time that will be required for construction and any demolition that needs to take place. We are confident that our services and rates are the most competitive in the Hunter Valley region, but we do not pressure you to act on these quotes. We understand this is a big decision and our team is here to help throughout the entire process.

There is no scope or scale of kitchen remodel or renovation that our team can’t help you with. For those limited by budget, you would be amazed what some new tiles, fixtures and hardware can do to transform your existing space. For those looking for a total renovation, we can assist in every aspect from the materials and design through to the management of builders, the demolition team and other contractors.

In most cases, these are load-bearing structures and you would need the assistance of a certified and qualified builder to ensure plans meet the required standards. While Inovative Interiors cannot carry out this work directly, we can work with our network of local builders that are highly qualified for the task. If it is possible to remove or relocate these parts of your kitchen without impacting the structural integrity of your home (or business), we will do everything possible to make it happen for you.

Yes, Inovative Interiors is located at 52 Munibung Rd, Cardiff and our experts are on hand to assist with every element of your customised, dream kitchen. We have full kitchen displays assembled from a wide range of leading brands including Laminex, WK Quantum Quartz, Polytec, Blum, Smartstone, Häfele, Caesarstone and more. Our showroom adjoins our factory where fixtures, hardware and more are handmade to your exact specifications. Come and visit us today and start planning the personalised kitchen of your dreams.

Inovative Interiors specialises in designing and installing bespoke kitchens tailored to the unique needs of homeowners in Newcastle and its surrounding areas. Every kitchen product is handcrafted locally at our Cardiff factory to ensure the highest quality. With a focus on style, functionality and longevity, we aim to create kitchens that are both beautiful and practical. Ready to transform your kitchen space? Contact Inovative Interiors today and let’s bring your dream kitchen to life!

Our design process is thorough and considers every aspect of your kitchen. This includes storage needs, foot traffic, accessibility and more. We believe the kitchen is the heart of the home and it’s important that homeowners like the design before making it a reality. Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients to help ensure their dream space is realised. Reach out to us today and let’s bring your vision to life!

Inovative Interiors offers expertise in outdoor kitchen designs. Whether you’re interested in barbecues, pizza ovens, cabinets or sinks, we can provide a range of options to suit your preferences. Our team is dedicated to inspiring clients with innovative ideas to create the ultimate outdoor cooking and entertaining space. Get in touch with us today to start your journey towards the ideal outdoor kitchen.

Selecting the right benchtop is important as it serves multiple purposes in the kitchen. Factors to consider include the style of your kitchen, your budget, personal preferences and the level of maintenance you’re willing to undertake. Our expert team can guide you in choosing a benchtop material that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Yes, every kitchen, joinery and cabinet at Inovative Interiors is 100% custom-made. This ensures that each product is cut precisely to the client’s specifications. We use the latest CNC technology and source high-quality timber to produce custom cabinets that fit your space and design preferences. Our commitment to precision and quality ensures that homeowners receive a product that not only looks stunning but also stands the test of time.

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