L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Designing your own custom kitchen to fit all of your own requirements and aesthetic goals is very exciting. You have so much freedom to figure out the best way to use your available space that it can even start to feel a little bit intimidating. The best place to start is to decide on the basic layout. If you are looking for inspiration, here is our list of the most popular custom kitchen layout types.

1. Horseshoe Kitchen

Horseshoe kitchens are also known as U-shaped layouts, and the hint is in the name. They are shaped like a U, with three walls of countertops to create a semi-circle layout. There can also be an island in the middle of the U. This type of layout is popular in large kitchens where there is adequate space for lots of countertops and storage. Having an island in the middle means this has the chance to be a very social kitchen while remaining stylish and functional.

2. L-Shaped Kitchen

L-shaped is another popular choice because it makes effective, streamlined use of the space available. It has two adjoining counters which create a right-angled L-shape, leaving room for an island or another countertop in the space remaining, while still providing enough surfaces without this if the kitchen is small. One of the main benefits of this type of layout is that there is enough room for more than one person to be cooking or cleaning in the kitchen at once without walking into each other or having to dodge around one another.

3. Galley Kitchen

If you only have limited room for your custom kitchen, a galley layout could be the best option for you. This is characterised by having no adjoining counters and instead has two parallel worktops facing each other, often against two walls (but not always). This makes smaller kitchens feel spacious because it doesn’t overcrowd the floor with appliances and leaves plenty of walking room.

4. G-Shaped Kitchen

A G-shaped custom kitchen layout offers room for creativity and innovation, but only really works with a large space. It is like a U-shaped kitchen but with an extra countertop that makes up the G-shape. This makes the kitchen space feel more cut off from the rest of the room but adds more surfaces and storage, so this can be very functional. It is a less social kitchen, although the extra countertop could be used for a breakfast bar if you see fit.

5. One-Wall Kitchen

This layout features all of the kitchen’s appliances and cabinets against one wall, so this is ideal for more compact homes or flats. It makes use of vertical space rather than floor space so that functionality can still remain optimum. This is popular where you need to leave more room for other features of the home.

At Inovative Interiors, we can help you to design and install a custom kitchen using any of the above layouts, and many more – your imagination is the limit. We can advise you on how to make the most of your space while keeping with the style of your home and what you require of your kitchen. Get in contact today by calling 0418 460 340 to begin your custom kitchen journey.

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